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Trading Options with ETFs can reduce risk with Options Trading Management ETFs


 QQQ Nasdaq QQQ Invesco ETF
 ONEQ Nasdaq Composite ETF
 DIA Dow Industrials SPDR
 IWM Russell 2000 Ishares ETF
 VGK Europe ETF FTSE Vanguard
 EWG Germany Ishares MSCI ETF
 EWU United Kingdom Ishares MSCI ETF
 EPP Pacific Ex Japan Ishares MSCI ETF
 EWJ Japan Ishares MSCI ETF
 EWY South Korea Ishares MSCI ETF
 EWT Taiwan Ishares MSCI ETF
 EWA Australia Ishares MSCI ETF
 EEM Emerging Markets Ishares MSCI ETF
 FXI China Large-Cap Ishares ETF
 EWZ Brazil Ishares MSCI ETF
 INDA India MSCI Ishares ETF

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 XLF S&P 500 Financials Sector SPDR
XLE S&P 500 Energy Sector SPDR
 XLI S&P 500 Industrial Sector SPDR
 XLB S&P 500 Materials Sector SPDR
 XLP S&P 500 Cons Staples Sector SPDR
 XLY S&P 500 Cons Disc Sector SPDR
 XLC S&P 500 Communication Sector SPDR
 XLK S&P 500 Technology Sector SPDR
 XLV S&P 500 Healthcare Sector SPDR
 XLU S&P 500 Utilities Sector SPDR

 XHB S&P Homebuilders SPDR
 XBI S&P Biotech SPDR
 BLOK Transformational Data Sharing Amplify ETF
 DSI KLD 400 Social Ishares MSCI ETF 
 HACK ISE Cyber Security ETF 
 IGE Natural Resources North American Ishares ETF 
 IGF Global Infrastructure Ishares ETF 
 IWN Russell 2000 Value Ishares ETF 
 MJ Alternative Harvest ETF 
 ROBO Global Robotics and Automation ETF 
 SOCL Global X Social Media ETF 
 VNQ Real Estate Vanguard ETF
 VYM High Dividend Yield Vanguard ETF
 ERTH Invesco MSCI Sustainable Future ETF 
 HTEC Robo Global Healthcare Tech and Innovation ETF 
 PSP Global Listed Private Equity Invesco ETF